FamilyTips & Tricks November 21, 2016

Less Stress During the Holidays

lessstrees1 Be organized Make lists for groceries, people to shop for, cards to write,
decorations to buy. Sit down with a
calendar and give yourself target dates for getting things done.

2 Less is more. Simple decorations
can speak volumes more than a room
crowded with all kinds of knick-knacks. Choose recipes that are tried and true favorites.

3 Leave the cooking to someone else.
A caterer may cost the same as buying the
ingredients yourself. And even if it’s more expensive, it may be worth the time and headache you save.

4 Share hosting responsibilities.  Consider
co-hosting a party with a friend. One party
instead of two…cut your stress in half.

5 Make things ahead of time.  Choose menu items that can be frozen until you need them.

6 Ye old cookie exchange.  Have everyone make two to three dozen of their favorite holiday cookie, bar or square. Then get together and swap so everyone has a little of each.

7 Festive aromatherapy. Try scented potpourri, candles, oils or incense.  When you feel the holiday stress taking hold, stop and take a deep breath.

8 Easy decorations.  Use branches, leaves, acorns and berries from your backyard to create centerpieces or festive confetti that can be strewn across mantles and tables.

9 Colorful creations.  Buy a few yards of fabric in rich colors or textures and use them as table runners or chair covers. Patterned ribbons are also an inexpensive way to dress up candle
holders and serving utensils. Or use them as
festive napkin holders.

10 Get help with the housework.  If you haven’t got one already, the holiday season is a good time for a cleaning service. If you do have one, you may want to book them for an extra visit.