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Experienced Real Estate Broker Gives Strategies for Success in Today’s Market

In November I was invited to appear on The Money Hour hosted by Tina Mitchell on 1150 AM KKNW. The guest panel included:

  • Randy Bannecker – President of Bannecker Public Affairs and founding partner of ClearPath Partners
  • Kari Haas – Managing Real Estate Broker of Kari Haas Real Estate Team, associated with Windermere Real Estate / Bellevue Commons, Inc.
  • Danielle Madrid – Founder and Executive Director of Haven Community Connections

"Strategies for Success in the Current Market" with Real Estate Broker Kari Haas

Together we discussed population growth, strategies for success in today’s real estate market and domestic violence.

Thank you to Tina Mitchell and co-host Keelan Harvey for bringing us all together. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to the whole show and to my segment!

Below I have elaborated on the topics and questions touched upon during my segment. Enjoy and please reach out to me at 206-719-2224 if you have questions or comments!

Are we ready for 1.8 million new people? - Strategies in the current Market - Domestic Violence - EPisode 260

Strategies for Success in Today’s Market

  1. Listeners want to know if they should be buying and selling homes now or wait until the spring.

At any time of year, the market has a different set of pros and cons. Statistics will tell you that June/July is the best time to sell. I believe every time of year is a good time to buy and sell. There is more competition in the spring time for both buyers and sellers. For sellers in the spring, they need a real estate broker who knows how to set their home apart from the rest and market it to get the maximum viewership and buyers in the door. For buyers in the spring, with so many people out looking at homes and putting down offers, the price of buying a home increases.

In the fall and winter months there is less inventory and less buyers. But the buyers who are out in the fall/winter are very serious about their mission. In springtime buyers might just be window shopping, but not in the winter. Winter is a great time to view homes because you will be able to tell if important items like the state of the heating system and which windows and doors have drafts. For sellers, have a broker who will stage your home creatively is an excellent way to impress buyers and get them in the door.

The time to go on market is extremely subjective. I work with my clients to understand their goals and help them make the right decision about when to go on market to exceed their goals and get the highest return on their investment.

  1. What are the most important things for people to do to get their houses ready for sale in this tough market?

Selling your home is an emotional process. It represents one of, if not your biggest investment; it is the place where you raised your children; you’ve poured endless passion into personal touches from artwork and rugs to remodels.  As difficult as it is, it is paramount to remove your self from the emotions attached to the home. The best thing you can do is hire a real estate broker who is deeply in touch with the buyer’s market and can advise you on renovations necessary. These often include dated wallpaper, old carpet and popcorn ceilings.

  1. When selling, how can you differentiate your home from other homes on the market?

Marketing and presentation are the two biggest factors in differentiating your home from the competition. Your real estate broker needs to stage the home or hire a stager that will make the home feel clean and fresh. The staging should expertly balance the need for enough furniture so that the home is warm and welcoming, but not too much so that the buyer can imagine herself and her belongings in the home.

A strategic marketing plan ensures that your home will be seen and be seen by the right people. Your real estate broker must identify target audiences and develop a strategic marketing plan that will highlight the home, the property and the location in a way that maximizes viewership. These marketing plans differ from property to property and client to client. A strategic marketing plan might focus on catering to a foreign market, people moving up to the greater Seattle area from California, or a neighborhood campaign.

  1. How do our listeners decide what needs to be remodeled and what is good as is?

Kari Haas at Hubard Radio Seattle

Kari Haas Recording at Hubard Radio Seattle

Deciding what needs to be remodeled is tough. The right real estate broker will be able to advise you on what to prioritize. Your real estate broker will do this by understanding market standards, and then working with you to understand your budget for the projects identified as needs. When working with the Kari Haas Team, a project manager is provided in order to keep track of and complete these projects so you can have as stress-free an experience as possible and focus on preserving your cherished items.

  1. What should you be looking for in a real estate broker?

A good real estate broker will demonstrate honesty, integrity and commitment as well as be knowledgeable and active in the market place. You will have the most positive experience possible if you choose somebody who you are confident has your best interests at heart. As in other industries, checking customer reviews is a great way to learn more about the real estate broker you are considering. I am incredibly proud of the customer-centric business model I have developed for my team. We treat each client like our favorite aunt or uncle, we engage in continued education to stay ahead of the game, and we do what we do because we love it.

  1. What areas should people be investing in right now to get the best bang for their buck?

We have seen more and more businesses create branches outside of Seattle or move away from the big city all together. With that in mind, buyers are developing more of a taste for areas to the south between Seattle and Tacoma – Federal Way, Des Moines, Kent, Auburn – and areas north between Seattle and Bellingham – Mt. Vernon, Arlington, Stanwood. Another group moving north is our elderly population so they can easy go across the border for pharmaceutical care.

  1. What are some options for baby boomers looking to down-size?

When you have lived in one place for so long you have collected so many things that you love, which makes downsizing painful. Our team provides you the support you need to sort through your belongings and determine your next steps. We are there for you every step of the way, including finding a suitable next or final residence.

  1. What do millennials need to consider when buying their first home?

The first step for millennials interested in buying a home is to develop a five-year-plan. Buying a home is a huge long-term investment. These buyers should be considering their professional goals, when they might want to start a family and what kind of neighborhood they want to live in down the line. People stay in their houses for an average of 7 years. A good real estate broker will ask you about these kinds of plans to ensure the best service.

  1. Tell me about your team. What makes it special?

I have a super exceptional team of high-quality individuals who all have different talents and make meaningful contributions to the success of our clients. Having a team allows me to better help my clients because I’m able to focus on the marketing and negotiations while my support staff takes care of inspections, appraisals, escrow and other aspects of buying and selling. I am so grateful for these awesome people. And so are my clients!

The Kari Haas Team

The Kari Haas Team

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