Circle of FriendsFoodFreebies October 30, 2020

Circle of Friends with Tres Lecheria

Kari Haas is honored to partner with Tres Lecheria for the Sept/Oct/Nov 2020 Circle of Friends promotion!

Tres Lecheria Circle of Friends Postcard


Six times a year Kari Haas partners with a local business to bring her clients a free gift. For our fall 2020 promotion, Kari is bringing her clients a complimentary slice of the FAMOUS Tres Lecheria ‘Tres Leches Cake’!

About Tres Lecheria

Cubes Baking Co. began when Kevin started selling cube-shaped cakes from his car, a Nissan Cube. The Cube, a 4-layer cake with alternating layers of delicious cake and fillings, available in multiple flavors, was born. Cubes Baking Co. expanded to offer flan, chocoflan, Mexican wedding cookies, Jr. Cubes, cupCubes, and other seasonal items. Most of their offerings are inspired by Mexican pastries and pan dulce, and cake flavors using Mexican flavor profiles inspired by favorite snacks growing up in Southern Texas and California.

Cubes Baking Co. has recently shifted gears, focusing on it’s sister business, Tres Lecheria. Tres Lecheria  is their wholesale bakery business, focusing on tres leches cake slices in many flavors. You may have seen these delicious cakes on Netflix’s Sugar Rush: Christmas and Food Network’s Winner Cake All!

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends program is a way for Kari to support local businesses and provide her clients with gift. Every two months, Kari partners with a local business. Some of the businesses Kari has partnered with in the past include:

Connect with Kari Haas at 206-719-2224 to learn how you can get on her Circle of Friends list AND to create a strategy to meet your real estate needs!