Circle of FriendsFood June 11, 2021

Circle of Friends with Temple Pastries

Temple Pastries COF Card

Kari Haas is honored to partner with Temple Pastries for the May/June 2021 Circle of Friends promotion!


Six times a year Kari Haas partners with a local business to bring her clients a free gift. For the May/June 2021 promotion, Kari is bringing her clients a complimentary pastry from the incredible Temple Pastries!

About Temple Pastries

Located in the Central District, Temple Pastries is the actualized dream of Christina Wood who creates incredible pastries, most notable the “Cruffin”! Temple Pastries opened its doors during the pandemic and the Kari Haas Real Estate Team is proud to support their delicious endeavors. Read all about Christina Wood and Temple Pastries in Seattle Met and Seattle Eater.

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends program is a way for Kari to support local businesses and provide her clients with a gift. Every two months, Kari partners with a local business. Some of the businesses Kari has partnered with in the past include:

Connect with Kari Haas at 206-719-2224 to learn how you can get on her Circle of Friends list AND to create a strategy to meet your real estate needs!